Pallavicini - the aristocratic family

with an ancient origin comes from Italy; they are said to have born the title 'Marchese' (Marquis) already in 996. In the course of time, the Pallavicini family has spread extremely, gaining nationality in Bavaria, Austria (Bohemia, 1843) and Hungary as well (1803). In Austria-Hungary, the competence of bearing the title Marquis became recognized by a supreme manuscript dated 1st February 1868.

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Four of its main branches, Lombard, Varanese, Genovese and Rospigliosean and subordinate branches Pellegrino and Scipione are known. Lombard is the most ancient branch, founded in the 10th century by a relative of the Marquis of Baden, Count Adalbert of German origin, whose wife, Adelhaid was related with the Roman emperors descended from the Saxon branch. Adalbert went to Italy in attendance on Emperor Otto II; there he received the goods lying in the districts of Parma, Piacenza and Cremona as a feudal tenure in 981. His descendants enriched these goods and presented them under the name stato Pallavicino. The family belonged to the solid adherents of the Roman-German emperors. In Lombardy, John was the chief supporter of Emperor Frederick I, while Hubert (Oberto) was that of Frederick II. The latter one, as the deputy of the Emperor and joining forces with Ezzelino (1240), organised the greatest condottieri (mercenary) army.

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