Pallavicini János

(John Pallavicini) Marquis, Diplomat.

Born in Padua on 18th March 1848;
died in Pusztaradvány on 4th May 1941. After graduating, he entered the diplomatic service. In 1887 he was a secretary at the embassy in Belgrade, in 1891 he became a counselor in Munich, and from 1894 he was a counsellor in St-Petersburg. As of 22nd December 1897, he possessed the title "Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary". In 1899 he became an ambassador in Bucharest. Between 1906 and 1918 he was the ambassador in Constantinople. Between 9th February and 23rd May 1911, during the sick leave of the common Foreign Minister, Count Aehrenthal, he was the acting Foreign Minister with appropriate sphere of authority. He performed his duties so well that he received the highest honours on 31st May 1911.