Marquis de Pallavicini family's reconstructed classicistic mansion stands in the middle of a park full of ancient trees in the heart of Pusztaradvány, hiding at the head of the semicircular Mogyorós brook valley in the north-eastern part of Cserehát mountain. The mansion has been opened as a hotel to those longing for undisturbed rest, clean air and peaceful nature.

The shaping of the building's interior recalls the atmosphere of the 19th century. Period furnishing, including several valuable, one-and-a-half-century-old pieces of Biedermeier furniture evoke the age of Marquis János Pallavicini, who had a splendid career in diplomacy. It is a specific feature of the hotel that its rooms and other community areas are lit not by mass produced items but 100-120 year-old lamps peculiar in terms of industrial history and the history of styles renewed by the owner, thus the mansion has the function of a "Iamp museum", as well.